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There are many ways to support TransEstrie financially: either by giving a donation, or by becoming a member. Both have their own advantages!

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Help us maintain our services for trans and non-binary people in Estrie.

Being trans in the Eastern Townships is not always easy. It still means getting lost in a maze of services to access health care, coming up against the lack of inclusion of many institutions and having to fight daily to have your identity recognized.

Despite this, the trans community in Sherbrooke is becoming increasingly strong and visible, since trans and non-binary people in the region came together in 2016 to found the Groupe d’action trans de l’UdeS (GATUS), then TransEstrie in 2019. As proof, four years ago, at the first candlelight vigil in front of Sherbrooke City Hall to commemorate Trans Day of Remembrance, 8 people were present. Last year, we had 40 people gather to pay tribute to the trans people murdered during the year, the majority of whom were Black, Indigenous and trans women of color. 

Since 2017, we have distributed hundreds of gender affirming items like binders, breast forms, packers, and gaffs. We’ve held dozens and dozens of meetings of a discussion group for trans and non-binary youth, and more recently, groups for trans adults and groups for loved ones of trans people. That’s not counting individual interventions, hundreds of dollars in grants to pay for name and gender changes, book loans, grocery store cards and more. We’re talking about hundreds of trans people between the ages of 7 and 70 who have been helped in recent years. 

Although TransEstrie receives recurring funding to sustain itself, the amounts received do not cover the organization’s ongoing expenses. This means that while some of our projects are funded by the government, we rely entirely on donations to provide the majority of the basic services listed above. The organization has just rented a space downtown in order to help the Eastern Townships community more effectively and in a safe environment. However, our ability to pay this rent also depends on your donations.

In order to continue doing all that we do, we need your help! No donation is too small. Here are examples of what each amount helps us achieve:

7$ Purchase of a bus token for a youth to attend our discussion group

20$ Purchase of a packer or gaff for our gender affirming resource

40$ Purchase of a binder for our gender affirming resource

50$ One-on-one intervention for a trans or non-binary person in need

100$ Grocery card for a person who lost their job after coming out

150$ Grant to help a person pay for the costs of changing their name or gender on their birth certificate.

Requests for service are increasing and there is no shortage of projects to develop, so any donation is welcome!

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The suggested membership fee is $5 for users (trans, non-binary and questioning people) and $10 for allies. Membership is not mandatory, you are welcome to pay whatever amount you can afford.

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