Gender Affirming Gear Distribution Resource

For trans, non-binary and questioning people

The Gender Affirming Gear Distribution Resource provides trans and non-binary people in the Eastern Townships with access to products that are vital to their physical and mental health, but are not widely available in the region. 

Products available include binders, packers, boxers, breast forms, stand-to-pees and gaffs.

To try on and obtain any of these items, make an appointment with one of our staff members at, or swing by during one of our drop-in periods.

Items are available for a voluntary contribution that represents the price paid by TransEstrie for the products. We therefore encourage people who can afford it to help us pay for the products, but it is not mandatory. One of the reasons the resource was created was so that people with low income could get the products they need for free.

These products are for trans, non-binary and questioning people only. Therefore, we ask that you do not use this service if you are a cisgender person.

Gender Affirming Gear Guide (in french)

Want to learn more about gender-affirming items, how to care for them and how to use them safely? We’ve created a guide for you! If you pick up a gender-affirming item in person, we’ll give you a brochure with all the information you need.

As of now, this guide is only in French. Until we translate it, you can find some of the helpful info from the guide in the section below.

We are partnered with Banana Prosthetics, a Quebec-based company that provide us with our binders, packers and stand-to-pees.

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