About Us

Born from the Groupe d’action trans de l’Université de Sherbrooke founded in 2016, TransEstrie is a community organization that aims to support, accompany and represent trans and non-binary people in the Estrie region.

The organization was established from a “by and for” perspective, as we believe that the people best positioned to develop services and advocate for trans, non-binary and questioning people in the Estrie region are those who identify with these identities. We do not believe that there is one single way to be trans or non-binary and we work to reflect the diversity of our backgrounds through our administration, our employees and our services.

We wish to recognize that the TransEstrie offices are located on the unceded traditional territory of the Abenaki and Wabanaki Confederacy, N’dakina. This recognition is only the first step in a long process of decolonization of our practices, which must be done continuously and in collaboration with the native peoples who currently live on the territory known as Estrie. The legacy of colonialism and racism still has impacts on gender norms and systemic transphobia and it is our duty to recognize these dynamics in our daily work.

To fulfill our mission, TransEstrie evolves along five axes:

Direct support

TransEstrie offers support and direct accompaniment to trans, non-binary and questioning people. TransEstrie can support someone on various issues, related near or far to gender identity. The support can be psychosocial, material or informational.

Support to family and friends

TransEstrie supports and accompanies the family and friends of trans, non-binary and questioning people. This psychosocial support aims to accompany the family and friends in their experiences related to the gender identity of their loved one, in understanding the gender identity of the person. This support can also have the objective of guiding them in the accompaniment of their loved one in different processes related to transness.


TransEstrie raises awareness among populations, communities and institutions about trans realities, rights and issues. TransEstrie offers training in various settings that work directly and indirectly with trans and non-binary people. TransEstrie implements various measures to offer tools and informative events to trans and non-binary people as well as to their loved ones.


TransEstrie represents the interests of trans, non-binary and questioning people to regional institutions, and represents regional interests to national bodies. In order to do so, TransEstrie notes various trends in the unmet needs of the people it serves and asks its members about their needs and expectations when necessary.


TransEstrie provides trans, non-binary and questioning people with resources to enable them to thrive in their communities.

Our Values


For TransEstrie, pride is embodied in celebrating and valuing our identities, supporting our communities and making them known.


For TransEstrie, equity is embodied in understanding the uniqueness of each individual profile, both in our users and our employees, and in adapting our services to meet the specific needs of each person.


For TransEstrie, sharing means sharing our experience with the community, and allowing trans, non-binary and questioning people to exchange and share their experience.


For TransEstrie, determination is embodied by our continued perseverance in working towards the achievement of our mission and vision, despite the many barriers in our path.

Our Team

Gen Ste-Marie

any pronouns, no titles
Head of general coordination and networking
genevieve.stemarie@transestrie.org — 873-989-1289

At TransEstrie, Geneviève does a bit of everything! Gen’s main task is to ensure that TransEstrie has everything it needs to offer its services and to make them known. Gen also supports the parents and loved ones of trans, non-binary and questioning people at discussion meetings and on an individual basis.

Gen buys lots of books but never has time to read them because they’re too busy being a human rights activist.

Florence Gallant Chenel

Assistant Coordinator
planification@transestrie.org — 873-377-0327

Florence is responsible for assisting the general coordinator in the daily management of TransEstrie. She also coordinates the political affairs of the organization.

In their spare time, they play video games and Dungeons & Dragons compulsively.

Shine Kolia

Project manager for the development of LGBTQ+ groups
shine.kolia@transestrie.org — 819-415-2555

Shine is involved in community development work aimed at creating support groups for LGBTQ+ people and their loved ones. He also raises awareness of sexual and gender diversity among resources in the target communities so that they can adapt their services and activities.

Shine enjoys archery, soccer and fighting for social justice for all.

Séré Gabriel Beauchesne Lévesque


Séré is responsible for training. They analyze the needs of those who solicit TransEstrie, such as schools, community organizations and clinics, in order to offer them the training that will best help them to include trans and non-binary people in their mission. Séré also accompanies practitioners and professionals who seek support for intervention to better accompany a trans, non-binary or questioning person, and offers animations and workshops in many settings, always with the aim of promoting full inclusion and celebration of gender diversity.

Séré is an avid crocheter, sewer and Lego builder! They are the parent of two dogs and a cat who regularly make spontaneous appearances during their virtual meetings.

Théo-Rose Fréchette

Communications and graphic design associate

Théo-Rose manages TransEstrie’s social media presence, creates promotional materials, updates the website and makes sure TransEstrie produces great-looking stuff! He also works on various documents, including supplements to the medical transition guide, transitionner.info.

In his spare time, he writes poetry and makes his own earrings.

Emmanuelle Demers

Administrative Assistant

She is in charge of the general administration and the administrative structure.

Being of Viking descent, she is a strong advocate for the causes she holds dear.

Gabrielle Jobidon

Intervention Coordinator
gabrielle.jobidon@transestrie.org — 873-989-2949

Gabrielle oversees the quality of the services offered regarding the organization’s orientations and interventions. She defines the orientations and ensures the quality, continuous improvement and continuity of intervention services. The intervention coordinator oversees the supervision of the workers. She develops a partnership with the local mental health services network and ensure representation at consultation tables.

She has three cats, is vegan and would like to open a café one day!

Maude Miguelle Mercier

Community social worker

Maude Miguelle does pre-assessment of service requests, as well as the design and implementation of intervention plans. They facilitate groups and activities, and also distribute gender affirming items.

She has a cat named Mr. Karmen. They are a Gemini, and advocate against fatphobia, among other things.