Medical Transition Guide

TransEstrie has received a grant from the Bureau de lutte contre l’homophobie et la transphobie in 2020-2021 to develop a guide on medical transitioning in Québec.

In it is a wealth of information on hormone replacement therapy, gender-affirming surgeries, paramedical procedures and how to access these treatments in Québec. 

Currently, the website is only in french.

The guide has been created as a website to allow for frequent updating of the rapidly changing information.

If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the Medical Transition Guide, please contact us at

Old Legal Transition Guide*

While associated with the Groupe d’action trans de l’Université de Sherbrooke (GATUS), the organization produced a legal transition guide to help trans and non-binary people, minors or adults, change their name and gender in the civil registry.

* This guide does not include the new changes as of June 17, 2022: the free change of name and gender, the possibility to choose the gender designation “X”, the possibility for non-citizens to change their first name and gender, and the possibility for parents to choose the designation “mother”, “father” or “parent”.

LGBTQAI2S+ Library

We have an LGBTQ+ library at our downtown Sherbrooke location! You can come borrow books that are not easily found in regular libraries, for free.

We have books on all kinds of topics concerning LGBTQ+ communities, feminism, inclusive sex education, anti-oppressive practices, etc. Fiction, poetry, children’s fiction, essays, zines, comics, in French and English and for all ages!

We also accept book donations to help stock our shelves.

To come and borrow books, you can come during our drop-in periods, or make an appointment with us at or by phone or text at 873-989-2949.